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Rumen & tripe for dogs

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Rumen and tripe as healthy delicacy

Rumen and leaf tripe, just like muscle meat and offal, are part of a species-appropriate and needs-based BARF-diet and should therefore be fed regularly amounting to approx. 20 % of the animal components.

Pansen und Blättermagen

Rumen and leaf tripe - healthy and tasty for your dog

Rumen and leaf tripe, just like muscle meat and offal, are part of a species-appropriate and needs-based BARF-diet and should therefore be fed regularly with a percentage of approx. 20 % of the animal components.

Rumen, leaf tripe, reed tripe and pocket tripe form the four stomachs of a cow. Unwashed - i.e. green - these contain valuable nutrients such as proteins, minerals and pre-digested plant fibres, which contribute to the natural cleansing of your dog's gastrointestinal tract.

Both components have an ideal calcium-phosphorus ratio and a good fat content. They also provide important vitamins and trace elements. Dogs find the strong smelling stomachs a real delicacy, which also cares for teeth and gums.

Just like all other BARF products from Frostfutter Perleberg, the rumen and leaf tripe come exclusively from grazing cattle from Germany. The products are processed, packed and shipped fresh every day in our own production facility in Perleberg. This makes them not only particularly healthy, but also extremely tasty.


Weißer Pansen

Green or white? Which kind of rumen is better?

The green rumen owes its name to the fresh green colour it has when frozen. Compared to the white rumen, the green rumen contains much more nutrients, as it is only shaken out during processing and not washed, which means that nutrient-rich pre-digested food and healthy bacteria remain in the folds of the stomach walls.

White rumen, on the other hand, is washed out during production and is therefore less nutritious, but also smells less strong - which is mor comfortable for many humans. As the white rumen does not contain any plant residues, it is also ideally suited for dogs who suffer from allergies.




Grüner Pansen

Green beef rumen: tasty and rich in nutrients

The green beef rumen contains valuable nutrients such as proteins, fibre and minerals. Besides calcium and potassium, magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the rumen. It also contains valuable pre-digested plant fibres which help to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract in dogs and create a real chewing pleasure.

The green beef rumen can naturally support your dog's metabolism and bone structure and can have a positive effect on the intestinal flora and the immune system. Most dogs love the taste and smell of rumen and will rush upon this healthy meal.





Beef leaf tripe: low in fat and healthy

Beef leaf tripe is a particularly tasty and, above all, extremely healthy treat. This low-fat stomach is rich in pre-digested food residues that contain valuable vitamins, minerals, bacteria and vegetable fibres that can be easily digested by dogs. The leaf tripe owes its name to its appearance, as the mucous membrane of the stomach is wrinkled, i.e. folded in the form of leaves.

Our beef leaf stomach is ideal for dogs of all ages and sizes as well as for BARF beginners and overweight dogs. It is a delicacy for your four-legged friend and should be a regular part of the feeding schedule.




Feeding recommendation for rumen and leaf tripe

All our rumen and leaf tripe products are processed fresh from our factory in Perleberg, packed and deep-frozen in a polystyrene box and sent to you. The meat is minced but also available in pieces and should be fed at room temperature after thawing. Rumen and leaf tripe are part of a species-appropriate and balanced BARF-diet and should therefore be fed regularly.

In the case of cereal-free feeding, 80 % animal and 20 % plant-based products should be fed, based on the principle of prey. The animal content should then consist of 50 % muscle meat, 20 % rumen and leaf tripe, 15 % and 15 % raw meaty bones.

Rumen & leaf tripe in many variations

In the online shop of Frostfutter Perleberg you will find a wide range of rumen and leaf tripe products. The green rumen for example is minced, but also available in larger pieces, from beef or lamb, individually or mixed with e.g. leaf tripe, neck meat, trachea, chicken or udder. The same applies to the leaf tripe and reed tripe, which are available individually but also as a mixture in our rumen-mix.

At the same time you can choose whether you want to feed rumen and tripe to your your dog raw, cooked, dried or organic. Simply choose the right product from our BAF to GO®, BIO/organic, BARF meat or chewing products range. No matter what you decide on - you will get the highest quality at fair prices!

Notes on feeding green rumen

Frostfutter Perleberg obtains its raw materials - and thus also the green rumen - from the in-house slaughterhouse in Perleberg. The cattle which is processed here are mainly from pasture farming. While grazing on the pasture, the animals may also pick up various objects such as stones, metal, glass, plastic, etc., which later find their way into the cattle's stomachs. 

The green rumen is a naturally pure product, which is not washed in our production, but only roughly shaken out. In this way, all important nutrients and vitamins as well as plant fibres are retained. The green rumen is therefore particularly nutritious and tasty. However, despite strict quality controls and great care, it is possible that not all foreign bodies are removed from the green rumen. We therefore recommend that you always check the product for foreign bodies before feeding - because the health of your four-legged friend is very important to us!

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