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Juicy and chunky BARF meat

Our chunky BARF products are particularly juicy and an ideal treat for every dog. Here you can find pure muscle meat as well as offal and bones in one piece. Perfect for all dogs who like to have something to chew in their food bowl.

BARF meat in one piece: a special delicacy

Our chunky BARF meat is perfect for those who like to feed their dog with larger pieces. In our online shop you can order pure muscle meat as well as offal and bones in this form. For example, we have beef heart in pieces as well as entire beef hearts in our offer and you can also buy our popular green beef rumen in whole here.

With our soft and hard bones in one piece your pet will be well cared for. Whether beef breast bone, calf bone, or duck or turkey neck - everyone will find something to nibble here. Especially popular are our beef ears, which are a healthy snack for in between.

No matter if you are looking for ingredients for your dog's BARF meals or if you are looking for natural chews, you will definitely find them here! 100 % natural, 100 % Made in Germany.

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