Vegetables, fruit and more

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Vegetables, fruit and more

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Fruit and vegetables for a natural BARF-supplementation

Here you will find the right flakes or frozen vegetable-fruit mixes for every taste to complement your dog's BARF-meals. Since plant-based ingredients are just as much a part of a balanced BARF diet as meat, they should also be fed regularly and in a varied way.

Full BARF meals with vegetables and fruit

Beside the animal components, vegetables and fruit are the second important basis for the BARF nutrition of dogs. By feeding these plant-based ingredients, the pre-digested stomach contents of a natural prey animal are imitated. To ensure that the nutrients contained therein can also be absorbed by the dog, fresh vegetables and fruit should always be served pureed or cooked and cooled. Alternatively, you can use our flake mixtures or the frozen versions.

Natural nutrition

Vegetables and fruit contain important minerals, vitamins, enzymes and secondary plant substances, but also fibers that contribute to the healthy maintenance of the intestinal flora. In order for these nutrients to be absorbed even better by the dog, we recommend the additional administration of a high-quality oil. In general, you can feed most types of vegetables and fruit, but you should make sure that you feed them as much variety as possible so that different nutrients can be absorbed.

BARF with our without cereals? Both options are possible!

Plant-based ingredients can account for up to 30 % of the BARF-meals. We recommend a division of 80 % animal and 20 % plant-based components for cereal-free feeding and 70 % animal and 30 % plant-based components for feeding with cereals. The plant-based part is again composed of 75 % vegetables and 25 % fruit or 40 % cereals, 40 % vegetables and 20 % fruit.

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