Delivery and shipping modalities

Please note that the processing of your order also takes 1-2 working days. The shipping times refer to the time from which the package was handed over to the shipping service provider.

As soon as your order has been packed from our employee in our shipping centre, it can no longer be cancelled or in any other form changed (this refers to  delivery address, amount ordered, articles selcted).

Please make sure you will be available to receivce your delivery on the date of delivery , which is given in the email we sent you or you can give the delivery service provider a deposit authorization to leave your shipment at a place of your choosing or a neighbor of your choice

You are responsible for the correct information of the delivery location. Neither we as the shipper nor the delivery service provider can be held responsible for an incorrect deposit authorization. Furthermore, it must be guaranteed that the deposit location is easily accessible so that the delivery driver does not need any assistance in accessing the storage location. For the safekeeping following the delivery after the package has been placed in the storage location, neither the shipper (K&K Petfood GmbH) nor the freight carrier (DHL, DPD or UPS) are responsible. As long as the local conditions allow it, the carriers can leave or deposit packages at their own discretion.

Should your package not be personally accepted nor one of the above mentioned agreements met with the service provider, then your package will be brought to the nearest post office or a package shop. If you chose DPD or UPS as your service provider, under some circumstances the driver may make a new delivery attempt the next day. You are responsible for picking up your delivery on the next business day or respectively to recive it. The pick up is only possible with the notification card or a form of legal identification.

Attention: Refusal of accepting your shipment results in a total loss. You are not automatically exempt from payment.

*Only possible in certain areas. Please contact DHL in advance to find out whether your area is one of these.

Delivery Conditions for Frozen Goods
Our frozen BARF- and frozen food products are delivered in a stryofoam box, which is inside a corregated cardboard box. Therefore we ensure the cold chain is kept for at least 72 hours. Should it happen that the goods arrive slightly thawed or defrosted, this basically does not pose a loss in quality nor is it a reason for a complaint. The goods can be refrozen or fed to your quadruped. Should you prefer to prevent this from happening, we suggest you select to have your order sent by express delivery.

Carton sizes
Please note the size of our cartons, as above a certain size they might not be accepted in package stations. We ship our frozen goods in polystyrene boxes with outer cartons in three different sizes (w x d x h).
Up to 5 kg: 40 cm x 30 cm x 17 cm
Up to 12 kg: 49 cm x 37 cm x 27 cm
Up to 26 kg: 59 cm x 45,5 cm x 40 cm

Shipping costs
The shipping costs depend on the desired carrier, the shipping method (standard or express) and the weight of the shipment. The costs also depend on whether the shipment is made within Germany or in other European countries. Please refer to the respective tables for details on this and further details of shipping - please click on the desired country.

>>> Shipping within Germany
>>> Shipping to Austria
>>> Shipping to Hungary
>>> Shipping to Spain

From an order value of 120 € we will give you the complete shipping costs for a delivery within Germany.

Note: Promotions with free shipping apply exclusively to shipping within Germany!

Shipping methods
Our partner companies UPS and DPD conscientiously ensure with their competent team that our packages arrive safely and intact at your home. The delivery time usually amounts to 1 - 4 working days, depending on whether you have selected standard or express delivery. Please keep in mind: The shipment of your goods may be delayed by a few days, if between the order and the delivery are Sundays, holidays or our company holidays.

Standard shipping

For standard delivery via DHL, the goods leave our house on Mondays to Wednesdays. Ordered goods are usually shipped after receipt of payment until 7 a.m. on the same day. For standard delivery via DPD, the goods leave our house on Mondays to Wednesdays. Ordered goods are usually shipped after receipt of payment until 9 a.m. on the same day.

Express shipping
Regardless of the chosen carrier, with express shipping goods will be dispatched Mondays to Thursdays. Ordered goods are usually sent on the same day, after receipt of payment until 9:00 a.m. Please keep in mind that for express shipping it is not possible to grant a signature release authorisation, personal acceptance must be guaranteed.

Shipment tracking
For the purpose of tracking your order, we may pass on your e-mail address or telephone number to the relevant shipping company so that the parcel service can contact you by e-mail or telephone before delivering the goods to arrange a delivery date or to provide status information about the delivery. You can revoke this consent at any time.

Our shipping companies are Deutsche Post AG, Charles-de-Gaulle-Strasse 20, 53113 Bonn, Germany, DPD Deutschland GmbH, Wailandtstrasse 1, 63741 Aschaffenburg, Germany or United Parcel Service Deutschland Inc. & Co. OHG, Görlitzer Strasse 1, 41460 Neuss, Germany.

In the case of delivery to a DHL packstation, we do not assume any warranty for the delivery. Please note that only parcels up to 12 kg or a maximum size of 60 cm x 35 cm x 35 cm can be stored in the packing stations. It is at the discretion of the deliverer to redirect parcels that are too large or too heavy to a parcel shop or to return them in rare cases.

Guarantee of the cold chain

We guarantee a completely functioning cold chain, if the order quantity optimally fits to our packaging units. Our frozen food is shipped in a polystyrene box with outer carton, which is designed for either 5 kg, 12 kg or 26 kg frozen goods. We only deliver our frozen goods from a minimum order quantity of 5 kg, in order to be able to guarantee an uninterrupted cold chain here. For cartons up to 12 kg, the cold chain is guaranteed for a product weight of 7 kg or more, for cartons of up to 26 kg for a product weight of 20 kg or more. As a general rule applies: the more frozen products are packaged in polystyrene boxes, the easier it will be to achieve an optimal cooling.

In case of delivery by DHL it is not possible to add dry ice to the order. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.

Shipping within Germany

Shipping days:
DHL and DPD Standard: shipping from Monday to Wednesday 
UPS Express: shipping from Monday to Thursday 

Orders with standard shipping with DHL or DPD and express shipping with UPS cost 4.90 €. Additionally, we charge an additional 4.90 € per 26 kg. For Prio customers shipping is free of charge regardless of the selected shipping service provider.

Weight of goods DHL and DPD Standard
  1–4 working days
under 26 kg 6.90 €
from 26 kg 6.90 € per 26 kg


From an order value of 120 € we will give you the complete shipping costs for a delivery within Germany.


Shipping to Austria

Shipping days:
DPD Guarantie Express: shipping only Mondays, if the payment was received until the previous Friday, 7.00 a.m.

Orders with express shipping with DPD cost 18.30 €. Additionally, we charge an additional 18.30 € per 26 kg.

Weight of goods DPD Express
  1 working day
under 26 kg 20.30 €
from 26 kg 20.30 € per 26 kg


Shipping to Hungary

Shipping day:
UPS Standard (Transborder): shipping only Mondays

Weight of goods UPS Standard (Transborder)
  1–4 working days
per 26 kg 27.00 €

Shipping to Spain

Shipping day:
UPS Transbonder Standard: shipping on Monday and Tuesday
DPD Standard: shipping only Mondays

The payment for orders must be received by Wednesday, 9.00 a.m., so that the goods leave our premises on the following Monday.

Weight of goods UPS Standard (Transborder)
  1–2 working days
per 26 kg 27.00 €
Weight of goods DPD Standard
  1–4 working days
per 26 kg 27.00 €
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