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The test results prove: Frostfutter Perleberg is a TOP BARF-Online Shop

In April 2019, our BARF-Online Shop was tested in an independent test conducted by the German Society for Consumer Protection (DtGV). The evaluation criteria included product variety, user-friendliness, prices, ordering and delivery service as well as advice and customer service.

The categories product variety, prices and user-friendliness were analysed by experts, the ordering and delivery service as well as the advice provided by trained testers, who placed three test orders. The customer service department was finally confronted with five telephone enquiries for the test. In the overall assessment, Frostfutter Perleberg received the grade 1.8.

1st place: The best prices can be found at Frostfutter Perleberg

In order to be able to compare the prices of other BARF shops, DtGV analysed a shopping basket of 20 pre-defined products as well as delivery costs and special conditions. Frostfutter Perleberg showed the cheapest price seven times and was thus able to secure first place in the price category.

We offer you the highest quality at the best price: in addition to our permanently low priced products, you can also benefit from our regularly changing offers or order our BARF packages at any time at a special price with free standard shipping. 

Wide range of products for dogs & cats

Frostfutter Perleberg offers a wide range of high-quality BARF products for dogs and cats. In addition to fresh meat from beef, lamb, goat, horse, poultry, game and fish, we also offer you a wide range of chewing articles as well as food supplements in the form of cold-pressed oils and mineral powders, which are good for the skin, coat, immune system, digestion or for parasite protection.

You can order our most popular products such as the Green Rumen and the Dog Hamburgers but also our seasonal highlights such as the Dog Ice Cream and the seasonal BARF menus individually or in our practical BARF packages for puppies, adult dogs or dogs with allergies. The BARF packages are available in different sizes and are suitable for both BARF beginners and professionals. Simply choose the right package for you and your four-legged friend and also save money.

One of our unique selling points compared to other BARF shops is our gently cooked BAF to GO®, which is made from the same high-quality ingredients as our BARF products, but which can be kept for up to two years without refrigeration due to the cooking process. BAF to GO® is the healthy alternative to canned food and ideal for travel, excursions or households with little refrigeration.

Besides a large selection of BARF products for dogs, Frostfutter Perleberg also offers a small but fine assortment for cats. You can find more cat BARF products in our eBarf Online Shop, which is specially designed for your darling.

Grade 1.1 in customer service - with us you are always well advised

The subject of BARF can seem quite opaque and complicated, especially for newcomers. For this reason, customer advice is one of our most important concerns. You can reach us from Monday to Friday (7 a.m. - 15 p.m.) by phone, e-mail and via Facebook. There, our customer service will answer all your questions about BARF and give you tips on how to change the diet of your pet, how to start with BARF, how to feed in case of allergies or diseases as well as the right snack for in between.

In the DtGV test, our customer service was completely convincing and came in first place with a very good grade of 1.1.

Very good user-friendliness - grade 1.4 for Frostfutter Perleberg

We at Frostfutter Perleberg attach great importance to the user-friendliness of our online shop, because we want to make shopping as easy and pleasant as possible for you. For this reason, we have sorted all our products thematically. Within the categories, filters help you to find the desired products faster and if something should not be found this way, you can always use our search function.

In addition to our wide range of BARF products, we have also put together detailed information on the subject of BARF on our website: a document on how to get started with BARF, our free BARF calculator and other requirement calculators, and the vet blog can be found, for example, in our Consultation category. Information about shipping and payment is explained in detail, clearly structured and can be found, for example, in the Service category.

All these achievements also convinced the DtGV in its test, which is why Frostfutter Perleberg received a grade of 1.4 (very good) in the user-friendliness category.

Easy order & fast delivery

To ensure that your ordered goods reach you quickly and undamaged, you can choose between various shipping options during the ordering process: in addition to standard shipping with DHL and DPD, you can also order your package via UPS for express delivery. And the best thing about it is that shipping is free of charge for our pre-packed BARF packages!

All our products are shipped in a stable polystyrene box (partly with dry ice) with an outer carton. This way our frozen BARF meat arrives frozen even at higher temperatures. Should it happen that your goods are partially or completely defrosted on receipt, this does not mean a loss of quality in most cases. You can then immediately portion, feed or simply refreeze the meat. You can return the polystyrene boxes as part of our environmental bonus programme or simply reuse them for other purposes.

Overall assessment: grade 1.8 for Frostfutter Perleberg

In a test conducted by the German Society for Consumer Protection, Frostfutter Perleberg was completely convincing and achieved an overall garde of 1.8 (good). In the categories prices as well as advice and customer service we were able to secure 1st place. We are very satisfied with this test result, but of course we would like to improve continuously in order to reach the first place in the other categories in the coming years.

Frostfutter Perleberg stands for high-quality BARF products Made in Germany. All our products are processed, packed and sent to you fresh every day in our own production facility in Perleberg. The farms from which we obtain our raw materials are known to us personally and are subject to regular controls. Our meat is regional, we attach great importance to good husbandry conditions for the farm animals as well as short and as far as possible stress-free transport routes.

Our goal is the healthy and species-appropriate nutrition of dogs and cats. To this end, we are constantly striving to expand and improve our product range. Should you have any constructive criticism or suggestions regarding our assortment, delivery conditions or other topics, please feel free to contact our customer service at any time.

Thank you very much for your trust and assistance

Your Team from Frostfutter Perleberg


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