You want to feed your animal healthy and balanced food without having to mix something on your own? Then you have found a great product here ...

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You want to feed your animal healthy and balanced food without having to mix something on your own? Then you have found a great product here. We mix rumen and omasum in equal parts and create therewith a product which covers the daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and bacteria completely. In doing so, we only use omasum from cows that are originated in natural pasture. Thanks to the coarsely minced consistency, this product is perfect feed for dogs. Furthermore, the main ingredients can still be identified. This product should only be fed raw.

Additional Details/Composition:
40% rumen-mix, 40% green rumen/green tripe, 20% abomasum/reed tripe

Please note: The K&K Petfood company obtains it´s raw materials, like the „green rumen“, from it´s own slaughter house in Perleberg.

The cows slaughtered there do outweighing come from pasture conditions. Grazing at the meadows the animals pick up different objects, for instance stones, metal, glass, plastic etc.. That´s why things like that attain in the cows stomach.

The „green rumen/green tripe“ is one of the four stomachs of the cow. The all-natural product „green rumen/green tripe“ isn´t washed, it just is bluntly shaked out so that all the plant fibers, important nutrients, vitamins and above all the flora and fauna of the products survive. Among other things that is why dogs love our product „green rumen“ the most.

In spite of strictly quality checks and enormous care not all foreign substances in the „green rumen/green tripe“ can always be completely excised. Therefore we recommend to check up these products bevor feeding them, because the health of your pet is our main aim.

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Claudia H

Sehr gutes Produkt

Besonders klasse ist, dass der Pansen nur ausgeschüttelt wird. So bekommt der Hund viel Gutes, das ihm sonst so nicht zur Verfügung steht.
Von meiner Hündin sehr geliebt und seit Jahren hervorragend vertragen.

Janet B

sehr guter Mix, der mit Begeisterung gefressen wird

der einzige Mix, den ich im Netz gefunden habe, wo auch ein Anteil Labmagen enthalten ist ... vom Geruch her für die Hunde wohl wie Schokolade ;-) ... gern wieder

Franziska K

schöne Mischung

Meine Hunde fressen es gerne. Klar ist Pansen immer etwas gewöhungsbedürftig, aber so Gesund. Deswegen gibt es bei mir jede Woche einen Pansen Tag. Dann stinkts nur einmal ;)

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