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BARF accessories for dogs

In our online shop you will not only find high-quality raw materials for a healthy BARF-diet, you can also order suitable accessories like food bowls, snack bags, defrosting boxes or little helpers for your walks together, like biodegradable dog dirt bags and tick hooks.

The right accessories all about BARF

With a balanced BARF-diet you offer your dog everything he needs for a long and happy life, because this diet is not only the most species-appropriate but also the healthiest. Fresh meat, vegetables, fruit and essential supplements provide dogs with all the necessary nutrients and simply taste much better than industrially produced ready-made food. You can order the right products for a healthy BARF-diet in our online store.

BARF-feeding equipment 

What else do you need besides the ingredients for a BARF meal? Of course a food bowl from which your dog can enjoy it. Our practical Frostfutter Perleberg food bowl is ideal for raw feeding and consists of a melamine bowl with a rubber rim that prevents slipping and a stainless inner steel bowl. Both parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher and thus guarantee a hygienic meal for your dog. To ensure that the frozen BARF can be thawed and stored gently, we also recommend the use of our defrost box with draining rack. The snacks for training, on the other hand, are best stored in a snack bag, which, completed by the large food dummy, can be a faithful companion for every walk.

Practical aids for every walk with your dog

Even if the amount of the dog's excrements is significantly smaller when fed with a BARF-diet, you should still always be prepared and carry dog dirt bags with you. For easy transport of the bags we have developed our stylish bone shaped dog dirt bag dispenser, which contains biodegradable dog dirt bags and can be refilled as often as you like. We also recommend that you carry our practical first-aid-kit with you every time you go for a walk, so that in an emergency, minor injuries to your dog can be quickly treated until you visit a vet.

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