Wet Food - Complete Menu with beef

Wet Food - Complete Menu with beef

A balanced complete menu with rumen/tripe, offal and beef muscle meat as well as fresh vegetables and fruits.

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Wet Food-Complete Menu with beef
A balanced complete menu from the tin: This wet food composition with rumen/tripe and beef offal (without liver) offers your dog a healthy meal. While the tender-firm beef muscle meat provides your four-legged friend with all essential nutrients, the parsnips provide proteins, fibres and potassium. The pear content also provides your dog with important vitamins, trace elements and minerals.

Natural food supplements complete the menu
The Wet Food-Complete Menu with beef is also enriched with our BARF-Perle-Oil 1 and the BARF-Perle-MineralVitPowder as well as seaweed meal and herbs – valuable supplements that also ensure that your dog gets everything with this meal that he or she needs for a healthy vital life.

A well digestible and delicious wet food for large and small dogs. Available in 180 g, 380 g und 750 g tins with ring-pull-closure. After opening, please store in a cool place and feed within 2 to 3 days.

48 % Beef muscle meat
16,8 % Parsnips
14,4 % Rumen/tripe
9,6 % Offal (without liver)
7,2 % Pear
Barf-Perle-Oil 1
Seaweed meal and herbs

Feeding recommendation

Feeding recommendation
This product is a complete feed. Information from our general feeding recommendation are guide values and can vary individually for your animal, depending on activity, keeping and breed. 

Weight of the dog Recommended amount of food
1 - 5 kg 100 - 200 g
5 - 10 kg 200 - 300 g
10 - 20 kg 300 - 500 g
20 - 30 kg 500 - 600 g
30 - 40 kg 600 - 800 g

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Additional Information
Analytical composition
11,5 %
15,5 %
3,2 %
0,4 %
64,1 %

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