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Would you like more information on the appropriate nutrition of dogs or cats? You would like to know how to barf properly and are interested in new products?
Then you will find all the information you need here.

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BARF Recipes

In this category you will find a selection of recipes and useful tips for healthy and appropriate nutrition of your dog using the BARF method.

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BARF Initiation

You want to feed your darling a balanced and healthy diet according to the BARF method, but don't know exactly how? Then you can find all the important information here.

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BARF Rechner

BARF Caclulator

With our free BARF Calculator you can easily calculate your dog's daily and weekly requirements for the individual BARF components.

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Tierarzt Blog

Vet Blog

Here you will find numerous exciting blog articles about dog and cat nutrition, written by our vet Dr. Christiane Klemt.

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Here you will find all the latest news: whether we present new products or have added new functions to our shop for you.

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Demand Calculators

Here you will find an overview of our free Demand Calculators, which you can use to put together balanced BARF meals for your dog.

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