Wet Food - Complete Menu with horse

This cooked menu contains everything your dog needs: fresh horse meat, sweet potatoes and essential supplements.

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Wet Food-Complete Menu with horse & sweet potato

This cooked menu contains everything your dog needs: The Wet Food-Complete Menu with horse is particularly rich in protein and low in fat. Horse meat is especially suitable for allergic dogs as well as for overweight, inactive or older four-legged friends. The pre-cooked sweet potatoes offer your animal an extra dose of carbohydrates and fibres, while the carefully selected supplements such as BARF-Perle-Oil 1, BARF Perle-MineralVitPowder, seaweed meal and herbs also ensure that your dog gets everything with this wet food that he or she needs for a healthy and species-appropriate meal. A tasty food composition – ready to go. 

Available in 180 g, 380 g und 750 g tins with ring-pull-closure. After opening, please store in a cool place and feed within 2 to 3 days.




73,5 % Horse meat
22 % Sweet potatoes
Barf-Perle-Oil 1
Seaweed meal and herbs

Feeding recommendation

This product is a complete feed. Information from our general feeding recommendation are guide values and can vary individually for your animal, depending on activity, keeping and breed.

Weight of the dog Recommended amount of food
1 - 5 kg 100 - 200 g
5 - 10 kg 200 - 300 g
10 - 20 kg 300 - 500 g
20 - 30 kg 500 - 600 g
30 - 40 kg 600 - 800 g

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Martina L

Gute Qualität

Gute Qualität, riecht sehr angenehm und schmeckt meinem Hund super.

Franziska W

Für Allergiker

Für meinen Allergiker ist das die ideale Alternative zum rohen Fleisch.

Mike V


Praktisch für unterwegs.

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Additional Information
Analytical composition
16,1 %
7 %
1,5 %
0,6 %
71,1 %
Since it is a natural product, the analyzes can be subject to fluctuations.
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