Hemp Caraway Oil

An effective mixture of hemp and caraway oil, which has a positive effect on the stomach, the intestine, the immune system and on the coat.

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The medicinal plant with the unique taste
Our hemp caraway oil for dogs contains a balanced mixture of hemp and caraway oil. Caraway is one of the umbelliferous plants and is one of the oldest medicinal and spice plants. Originally from Asia, the plant is now widespread across Europe and has an important meaning for humans and animals. The caraway seeds are unmistakable due to their intense taste and smell and can be used for gastrointestinal complaints.

Caraway seeds as gastrointestinal therapeutics
Caraway, in its various forms, can have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and can (for example) be used for stomach weakness, stomach cramps, flatulence and to stimulate the digestive organs. It has an appetising, antioxidant effect and, due to its enzyme-inhibiting effect, it can provide relief for inflammatory processes such as arthritis or allergic reactions.

The perfect mix of hemp and caraway oil
Our hemp caraway oil is made from a mixture of fat hemp oil and ethereal caraway oil, which is obtained by steam distillation. The hemp oil contains valuable omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, but no CBD or THC and is therefore neither intoxicating nor addictive. Hemp has a positive effect on the immune system, inflammation, skin and fur problems. Also hemp oil promotes the dog's vitality and positively stimulates the metabolism.

Also an absolute hit, when applied externally
The hemp caraway oil can also be used externally. Simply add a few drops to the fur brush of your four-legged friend and brush through properly. The oil strengthens the fur and gives it a visible gloss. At the same time, the application serves to ward off parasites such as fleas and ticks and can alleviate skin problems such as eczema, itching or skin irritation.

95 % Hemp Oil
5 % Caraway Oil

Keep the opened container in the fridge and use it up within 6 months. 

Feeding recommendation

Feeding recommendation per day:
Small dogs: 2 1/2 - 5 ml
Medium sized dogs: 5 - 10 ml
Large dogs: 10 - 15 ml
Puppies and cats: 2 - 3 ml

Add directly to the food.
Our Hemp Caraway Oil should be used over a period of at least 4 weeks, if necessary also unlimited. Keep opened container in the refrigerator and consume within 6 months.

As this is a natural product, the analyses may be subject to fluctuations. Single feeding material for dogs and cats.

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Additional Information
Since it is a natural product, the analyzes can be subject to fluctuations.
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