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BARF-Complete for dogs

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Ready-to-serve complete menus for dogs

With our BARF complete menus you can feed your darling fast and easy, because they contain everything a dog needs for a species-appropriate and balanced diet. Besides a lot of fresh meat, the menus also contain the necessary amount of vegetables and fruit. The ready-to-serve meals are rounded off with high-quality food supplements.

Fast & easy BARF with the complete menus from Frostfutter Perleberg

Our BARF complete menus are available in four different flavors and three different sizes, so they are guaranteed to suit every healthy dog. The menus contain a large portion of fresh meat from Germany, vitamin-rich vegetables and fruit as well as high-quality food supplements.

Available in beef, horse, chicken and fish, there is something for every taste! For a balanced diet, it is recommended to feed the menus alternately, because only then your darling is guaranteed to get all the important nutrients he needs. Depending on the size of your dog you can choose between our BARF-Complete S for small dogs, the BARF-Complete M for medium-sized dogs and the BARF-Complete L for large dogs.

Healthy and species-appropriate BARF

Our BARF complete menus are free of artificial additives such as preservatives, flavor enhancers and colorants. They only contain ingredients that are necessary for a needs-based nutrition of your dog. Important nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, selenium, vitamin A, B and D as well as iodine and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are contained in all menus in sufficient and balanced amounts.

Balanced complete menus for every dog

The nutritional values for adult dogs of the National Research Council of 2006 served as a basis for the calculation of the ingredients of our complete menus. The required compositions were calculated based on the energy requirements of an average active dog with 10 kg, 25 kg and up to 35 kg. However, the amounts stated in the feeding recommendations are only to be understood as a guideline, as factors such as activity, age and a possible castration of the dog should always be considered when selecting the amount of food.

The BARF complete menus from Frostfutter Perleberg were developed in cooperation with the veterinarian Dr. Christiane Klemt (Blog in German):

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