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BARF starter packages

BARF Starter Packages

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Our Starter Packages contain everything you need for an uncomplicated start with BARF

The first step is always the hardest and this is often the case when getting used to a new feeding method. For this reason, we have developed our BARF Starter Packages to make it easier for you to start with BARF. The packages contain everything you need in the beginning for a healthy and balanced BARF nutrition of your dog.

For an easy start with BARF: our Starter Packages

We have put together practical BARF Starter Packages especially for the start with BARF. These are available in three different sizes as well as extra for puppies. The BARF Starter Packages from Frostfutter Perleberg contain high-quality BARF meat from Germany, fruit and vegetables in frozen or flake-form, important supplements and healthy snacks for in between. In addition, you will receive our BARF Starter Aid (in German) free of charge with every BARF Starter Package. This will answer the most important questions about the changeover and settling in.

Why should I feed my dog according to the BARF-method?

This question can actually be answered quite simply: because it is the healthiest and most appropriate form of feeding. Just like its ancestor the wolf, our domesticated dog is a carnivore, which is why its entire digestive system is geared towards the absorption of animal components. Cereals, which are often contained in large quantities in factory-made food, can only be digested and utilised by dogs to a very limited extent. Instead, they draw all the essential nutrients from fresh meat and a small proportion of vegetables and fruit. That's all that is needed for a species-appropriate diet, so no unnecessary additives or unusable components should end up in your dog's food bowl. While feeding your pet according to the BARF-method you have it in your hands: give your dog what he really needs and loves - BARF from Frostfutter Perleberg.

How to start with BARF: easier than you thought

When converting from ready-to-eat food to BARF, a number of things should be taken into account to ensure that the process will be smooth. The longer the dog has been fed with industrially produced food, the slower the conversion to fresh, raw food should be. We recommend a gradual changeover to BARF, as this is the gentlest option. You can find detailed instructions on how to change over to BARF in our free BARF Starter Aid (in German).

How do I feed my dog properly according to the BARF-method?

There are a few basic rules to be observed when putting together balanced BARF meals. In general, an adult dog should receive 2 % to 3 % of his body weight as a daily ration. When fed without cereals, this is divided into 80 % animal and 20 % plant-based components. The animal components are in turn divided into 50 % pure muscle meat, 20 % rumen/tripe, 15 % offal and 15 % raw meaty bones. The plant-based part is made up of 75 % vegetables and 25 % fruit, which should always be fed pureed so that the dog can absorb and utilise the nutrients it contains.

Since dogs, unlike wolves, are able to consume carbohydrates in moderation, healthy dogs can easily be fed a certain amount of cereals. Especially for dogs that are very active or who need to gain weight, cereals can be an additional source of energy. However, when cereals are fed, the above distribution changes slightly. In this case, you feed 70 % animal components consisting of 50 % pure muscle meat, 20% raw meaty bones, 15% rumen/tripe and 15% offal and 30 % plant-based components, which should consist of 40 % cereals, 40 % vegetables and 20 % fruit. The cereals should always be cooked and fed chilled because of better digestion.

Natural supplements for the well-rounded BARF-meal

No matter which of the two options you choose, setting up a feeding plan will help you to ensure a balanced diet for your dog. In general, the more varied your feeding plan, the better, as this will allow your dog to absorb various important nutrients from the different food components. If you follow the above mentioned basic BARF-meal plan and our tips, you can easily feed your dog a healthy and appropriate diet.

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