For the sake of the environment!

We take back your packaging and you will get an environmental bonus from us.

As of now, you can send back your thermo boxes to us which are no longer required. You will receive a 10-%-discount voucher for your next order in our shop. With the return of thermo boxes you save resources, reduce the environmental pollution through destruction processess and support nature together with us.

Info: This returning-campaign is only possible within Germany, because the collection and the transport are solely made via DHL. 

1. Pack the thermo boxes individually or in a bundle

Each thermo box can be send individually in the original outer packaging; but it is also possible to send two or three boxes as a bundle.
With the bundle-method you have to choose between two different returning options (depending on the size of the outer packagings)

Fill the outer packagings with a compatible thermo box with top each and stack the cartons as shown.
Stick the base area of the cartons together tightly so that they won't unstick autonomous during transport.

Option 1: two big cartons per bundle maximum
Option 2: three small cartons per bundle


2. Purchase of the Return Form and shipment via DHL

Choose the product „Package Return Form“ and pay 6,90 €. Afterwards you will receive the ordered DHL-return label via mail. Please print out this label and place it clearly visible on the carton or the carton-bundle, respectively.

You can hand over the mailable carton or the bundle to every post office branch or hand it over to the driver, if there is still free space in the delivery vehicle. 

3. Receive an environmental bonus and get a 10-% discount voucher

After the purchase of the DHL-Return Form you will get your environmental bonus. We will send it in the form of a 10-% discount code via e-mail which you can redeem with your next purchase in our online shop. Additionally, this voucher is also deposited at your customer account under „My vouchers“ and is valid for two months.

It is so easy to do something together for the environment!

The withdrawal is only possible via DHL. Cartons and boxes of other vendors will not be refunded. Only clean and unscathed cartons and boxes will be taken back. Please mind the compliance of this term, otherwise a future exclusion may follow. Please remove old shipping labels if necessary so that their will not be any confusion. Already after the payment of the Return Form, you will receive your 10-% discount voucher which is valid 60 days. It is not redeemable for Complete- and Special Offer Packages.

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