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You want to feed purely organic products?
Then our BIO certified product range is just right for you!

The love for animals - that is what unites us here. We want the best for our pets and certainly for all other animals, e.g. also for the farm animals.

We have succeeded in offering you selected products in organic quality in the future. This means that these products have been awarded the national German organic seal, which was introduced in September 2001, and the European organic seal (since 1 July 2010).

These seals may only be used on certified products that meet the requirements of the EU Organic Regulation. The following requirements are laid down in this regulation:

  • The products may not be produced from genetically modified organisms.
  • No use of synthetic plant protection products that are highly damaging to the soil and the environment.
  • No use of easily soluble mineral fertilisers.
  • No flavour enhancers, artificial flavours, colourings or emulsifiers.
  • No ionising radiation may be used for preservation.

Furthermore, there are strict requirements for the production of feed for organic farm animals, such as strict regulation of crop rotations in the fields. Organic farming also stands for species-appropriate animal husbandry. Minimum stables and open spaces are specified. The transport of animals is also regulated by law.

So when you choose organic products, you not only have the guarantee of the best food quality for your darling, but you also stand up for the farm animals and the environment!

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