Customer loyalty shall be rewarded!

With our new loyalty point bonus system, you will get one loyalty point each for every Euro (value of goods excluding shipping costs) you spend. You can convert the earned points into vouchers later and can redeem it during another purchase.

How can I get loyalty points?

You automatically earn loyalty points with every purchase in our online shop as a registered customer.
You earn one loyalty point each for every Euro (value of goods excluding shipping costs) that you spend.

How much are my loyalty points worth?

The value of the loyalty points depends on how many loyalty points shall be converted in vouchers.
The following applies: the more loyalty points, the greater is the value of the individual loyalty points.

from 0250 loyalty points: 0.02  voucher value/loyalty point
from 0500 loyalty points: 0.04  voucher value/loyalty point
from 1000 loyalty points onwards: 0.06 € voucher value/loyalty point


  • for 326 points you get a voucher for € 6.52*
  • for 866 points you get a voucher for € 34.64*
  • for 1208 points you get a voucher for € 72.48*

How can I redeem my loyalty points?

You can redeem your loyalty points under "Your account" in the submenu "My loyalty points".
Please note that you need to have earned at least 250 loyalty points to be able to convert them into a voucher. In addition, all available points are redeemed always.

Where can I find my vouchers?

You can find your vouchers under "Your account" in the submenu "My vouchers".
In addition, here you can also see for how long these vouchers are still valid (max. 1 year from Creation).

How can I redeem my vouchers?

You can redeem your voucher during every purchase as registered customer by entering the number of your voucher (can be found under "Your account" in the submenu "My vouchers") during your order in the voucher field provided for that and confirm this entry with "OK". The value of your voucher is then directly deducted from the merchandise value.

Please note that vouchers cannot be used for decreasing the dispatch costs. If the value of the voucher exceeds the merchandise value of the order, the remaining amount is provided in the form of a new voucher (visible under "Your account" in the submenu "My vouchers").

It is not possible to pay off the remaining amount.

Can I also earn loyalty points as a guest?

Unfortunately, you cannot earn loyalty points as a guest since this special offer is intended specifically as a gesture to thank our loyal customers.

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