Discover varied BARF-diet recipes for your dog

In this category you will find a selection of recipes for the healthy and species-appropriate feeding of dogs according to the BARF diet method. The recipes can be put together quickly and easily and should make it easier for you to create a balanced BARF diet meal for your dog.

Unsere saisonalen Rezepte

BARF diet menus with seasonal ingredients

Our seasonal BARF diet menus consist of high-quality animal components such as muscle meat, rumen or leaf tripe, bones and offal.

Winter-Mix ➤

Lieferzeiten und Versandkosten

Halloween recipe idea

In keeping with the time of year, our BARF menu for Halloween consists of nutritious pumpkin and vitamin-rich apple as well as a high-quality variety of German pasture cattle.

Halloween Recipe ➤

LInnereien Mix mit neuer Rezeptur

A balanced offal mix of beef

We have set ourselves the goal of healthy and species-appropriate dog nutrition and are therefore constantly striving to improve our products.

Offal Mix


BARF made easy according to the recipe

One of the biggest advantages of BARF is that you can put together meals for your four-legged friend adjusted to his or her needs. But sometimes you may lack inspiration, motivation or - especially at the beginning - knowledge. At Frostfutter Perleberg you will therefore find a large selection of varied recipes to try out.

The right recipe for every occasion

Would you like to prepare a special feast for your four-legged friend for Christmas, Easter, Halloween or Valentine's Day? Do you generally value the use of seasonal and regional ingredients? Are you looking for inspiration for new BARF meals? Then you will definitely find it here! We give you the right tips and instructions for putting together balanced and tasty BARF meals for your dog.

Does your dog have a favorite recipe?

Our small cookbook for dogs is constantly being expanded so that we can bring variety to the bowl of every four-legged friend. You are also welcome to send us your dog's favorite BARF recipe and we will make it available here for everyone to try. So we can inspire each other and make our four-legged friends happy.

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