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Premium food from Germany

Frostfutter Perleberg
Since November 2012, we have been passionately working to produce high-quality and healthy premium food for your dog and cat.
Konservierungs- und Zusatzstoffe
As a certified company, we have completely excluded harmful preservatives and additives from the production process and responsibly ensure a particularly gentle and vitamin-preserving production.
The raw materials for our frozen food exclusively originate from Germany. We personally know all farms and companies, which is why we can guarantee the highest quality.
hauseigenen Schlachtbetrieb
As the only supplier in Germany, we freshly process all products in our own slaughterhouse every day. Thus we do not only have short transport routes, but we can also monitor each processing step closely.
Hunden und Katzen
All our BARF-products (raw food products) are adapted to the needs of dogs and cats, so that a balanced diet with all important nutrients is easily possible.
Frostfutter Perleberg is a guarantor for highest product quality, absolute freshness and a species-appropriate and balanced diet. Let your four-legged friend give a try and convince yourself!
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