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The huge Favourites-Package

Healthy and varied raw feeding
For raw feeding a varied feeding is very important so that your dog is provided with all essential nutrients. Besides muscle meat, also offal and bones should be fed regularly. Our huge 21 kg Favourites-Package therefore contains all important animal components: tender beef muscle meat, minced chicken bones, nutrient-rich beef kidney plus tasty rumen/tripe and omasum/leaf tripe. Also our popular Fish-Beef-Mix is included.

Feeding recommendation
All products in this Package are single feed materials from beef, chicken and fish. Please let the individual products thaw slowly as needed and feed them when room temperature is reached.

For a balanced B.A.R.F-diet we recommend to compile the meals with 80% animal and 20% vegetable ingredients (fruits and vegetables). It is not necessary to feed all components every day.

Note: The K&K Petfood GmbH obtains its raw materials – and thus also the green rumen/green tripe – from our own slaughterhouse in Perleberg/Germany. The cattle, which are slaughtered here mainly originate from pasture grazing. While grazing, the animals may also pick up various objects on the pasture, such as stones, metal, glass, plastic, etc., which later enter the stomachs of the cattle.

The green rumen/green tripe is a natural product that is not washed while production, but roughly shaken out. In this way, all important nutrients and vitamins and vegetable fibres remain included. Thus green rumen/green tripe is particularly nutritious and tasty. Despite strict quality controls and great care, it may happen that not all foreign objects are removed from the green rumen/green tripe. We therefore recommend that you always check the product for foreign objects before feeding it – because the health of your four-legged friend is very important to us!

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This Package contains 21 kg of our most popular frozen meat products for a balanced raw food-diet (B.A.R.F).

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21 kg of frozen food, incl. Shipping & packaging

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