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Lamb Menu (minced and cooked ) – BAF to GO

The finely minced mix of lamb neck meat and lamb rumen, combined with fresh potatoes, provides your fosterling with valuable vitamins...

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500 g (sausages)
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This BAF to GO-product is exactly the right thing for your pet. The finely minced mix of lamb neck meat and lamb rumen, combined with fresh potatoes, provides your fosterling with valuable vitamins, minerals and choline (good, if liver damages exist). It also promotes the digestion of your dog. The lamb meat used for this menu exclusively originates from lambs from Baden-Württemberg (region in Germany) – 100% natural, 100% healthy.

The extra-advantage: Like all our BAF to GO-products, also this product is cooked gently and made long-time durable during our special production process – completely without any additives like salts, for example. You can be sure that all BAF to GO-products are natural and packed sterilely. 

Both the production process and the packaging method have been optimized in a way that a storage without any special cooling is possible. A deep freezer is not needed for the whole BAF to GO-assortment – the products can be stored at room temperature up to 2 years. Please avoid an exposure to direct sunlight. After opening you should store all BAF to GO-products in a cool place and feed them within 2 to 3 days. 

As our BAF to GO-products need no cooling they are separated from the frozen food by an especially developed intermediate floor in the styrofoam box and can be delivered together with the frozen food! 

Cooked gently, packaged specially, long-time durable, even without cooling - THAT'S BAF to GO! 

40% lamb neck meat
40% lamb rumen
20% potatoes

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