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High-quality muscle meat

Muscle meat is one of the most important components of balanced BARF-meals and should make up a large proportion of your dog's food bowl in terms of quantity. Muscle meat provides your dog or cat with high-quality animal proteins as well as valuable nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. At the same time, muscle meat contains high-quality fats that provide your darling with the energy he needs.

Pure meat is one of the most important BARF-components

Together with offal and raw meaty bones, pure muscle meat forms the basis for a healthy and balanced BARF- diet for dogs and cats. With BARF, we imitate a natural prey animal and prepare the food for our four-legged friends accordingly. The percentage distribution of BARF meals is therefore also based on the prey of carnivores.

Balanced BARF-meals consist of 80 % animal and 20 % plant-based components. Muscle meat is the most important component in terms of quantity, accounting for 50 % of the animal component. It provides energy in the form of fat, essential animal proteins and important nutrients.

What kinds of muslce meat are there?
• Neck meat
• Scalp meat
• Skirt meat
• Flank meat
• Mouth meat
• Peesen meat
• Pharynx
• Tongue
• Chaps
• Poultry stomach
• Diaphragm


The right variety in the bowl is important 

In order for your dog to get all the essential nutrients from his food, it is important to feed him a varied diet. For this reason, we recommend feeding meat from two to three different animals. In principle, most types of meat are very suitable for BARF, only raw pork should be fed with extreme caution due to the deadly Aujeszky's virus.

These meat types are perfect for a BARF-meal
• Beef
• Calf
• Horse
• Chicken
• Ostrich
• Turkey
• Duck
• Goose
• Gobbler
• Rabbit
• Game
• Goat
• Sheep
• Lamb
• Fish

Since food intolerances and allergies can unfortunately occur despite healthy and species-appropriate feeding, it is recommended to have at least two to three protein sources, which you haven't fed at all, as a reserve in case your dog needs an exclusion diet. But don't worry, even if you don't feed the full range of meats, it's absolutely no problem for your pet's supply.

Fish as healthy alternative

If your dog or cat likes and tolerates fish, you can occasionally replace the muscle meat portion of the BARF-meal with sweetwater or saltwater fish. Fish is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids and other important nutrients. Sprat, cod, halibut, salmon, trout and catfish are particularly suitable.

You can feed the fish either as a whole including bones or as minced fish. The bones are not dangerous for dogs and cats. As fish often has a higher bacterial load, it is best to feed it fresh after purchase or alternatively to freeze it beforehand. 

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