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Natural chewing articles for dogs - healthy and perfect for in between

With our extensive range of natural chewing articles, we offer your four-legged friend a healthy snack for in-between, which at the same time makes a lasting contribution to the care of his teeth. Chewing articles are a digestible treat that will keep your dog occupied in a natural way and can also be a regular part of your dog's diet if he is fed in a manner appropriate to his species.

Chew articles from Frostfutter Perleberg - gently produced & especially tasty

All our chewing articles are made in Germany from high-quality raw materials and completely without the use of additives and preservatives. This way the snacks are particularly tasty and rich in important nutrients. No matter whether you are looking for the right treat for training or a longer nibbling fun for your dog - in our extensive range of chewing articles there is guaranteed to be something suitable for everyone.

Dried chews - healthy and natural

Gently dried chews are not only a welcome change on your dog's BARF menu, they also contribute to dental and mouth hygiene in a natural way: extensive chewing cleans the teeth, strengthens the jaw and prevents the formation of dental calculus. At the same time, chewing articles with fur, such as our beef ears or the beef scalp, can help to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract.

Healthy chews as a tasty addition to the BARF-diet

Our dried chews are guaranteed to make your four-legged friend's heart beat faster at all times, which is why they can be fed regularly, provided you keep an eye on your dog's ideal weight. Of course, even the highest quality chews cannot replace a balanced BARF-meal. The nutrients contained in fresh meat, vegetables, fruit and supplements are essential for a species-appropriate diet. You can find everything you need for a healthy BARF-diet for your dog in our Frostfutter Perleberg Online Shop.

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