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Here you will find everything a dog's heart desires: browse through our diverse range of fresh meat, the tasty BARF diet menus and the practical BARF packages. All our compositions with beef, horse, poultry, lamb, game and fish are carefully produced in our in-house production in Perleberg and contain high quality raw materials from Germany.

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Assemble grain-free BARF meals for dogs correctly

For a balanced and species-appropriate diet according to the BARF method, you should not only regularly feed your dog not only muscle meat, but also offal and raw meaty bones (RFK). A good nutritional plan for grain-free feeding provides for the following breakdown: 50% streaky muscle meat (with a fat content of 15 - 25%), 20% rumen and leaf stomach, 15% mixed offal (liver, kidney, heart, lungs and spleen) and 15 % RFK. Natural dietary supplements should be fed in variable proportions as needed to fully cover the dog's nutritional needs.

The animal ingredients should make up about 80% of the total BARF meals. The other 20% consist of the vegetable components vegetables (75%) and fruit (25%). This plant-based diet provides important nutrients and mimics the pre-digested stomach content of natural prey. So that the dog can absorb all the nutrients it contains, it is imperative that the vegetables and fruits are cooked or pureed before being fed.

BARF meals with grain - that's how it works

Unlike the BARF diet of cats, it is possible for dogs to feed a certain amount of grain. In this case, however, an adjustment of the above-mentioned division must be made: the proportion of animal components is reduced to 70%, the vegetable component to 30%.

The animal portion of the BARF feeding should consist of grain from 50% streaky muscle meat, 20% RFK, 15% rumen or leaf stomach and 15% mixed offal. The vegetable portion is divided into 40% cereals, 40% vegetables and 20% fruit. Just like all other herbal ingredients, the grain should only be served cooked or very finely pureed.

Perching is easier than you think

No matter which variant you choose, do not go crazy when putting together the BARF meals. It is not necessary to feed all components in the right amount every day. It is best to put together a monthly plan and make sure that all the ingredients have been fed in the correct amount during this period. In this way, your dog's nutritional needs are covered in any case and you do not have to calculate, weigh and portion with great effort every day. As an alternative to mixing yourself, we also offer ready-to-serve BARF complete menus.

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