Fresh meat packages for dogs


Fresh meat packages for dogs

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BARF packages for dogs: practical and particularly cheap

Our prepacked BARF packages for dogs are delivered to your home free of charge and at a special discount price. The packages contain high-quality frozen meat, tasty BARF menus, natural food supplements and crunchy chewing items - simply look for the right package for your four-legged friend. Whether puppy, small dog, large dog or allergy sufferer, our BARF packages are ideally tailored to the needs of your four-legged friend.

For an easy start: our BARF starter packages

Every beginning is difficult and this often applies when you get used to a new feeding method. For this reason, we have developed our BARF starter packages, which are intended to make it easier for you to get started in barf. The packages contain everything you need for a healthy and balanced BARF diet for your dog in the beginning: high-quality BARF meat from Germany, fruit and vegetables in the form of flakes or frozen, important nutritional supplements and healthy snacks in between. In addition to every BARF starter package, you will receive our BARF starter kit free of charge, which is intended to answer the most important questions about converting and getting used to.

Ideal for getting to know and love: our BARF trial packages

Do you already bark your dog, but do not know our products yet? Then our varied BARF trial packages are just right for you! The BARF trial packs are available in three different sizes and especially for puppies. They contain a colorful mixture of our popular and high-quality BARF meat from Germany. Beef muscle meat, chicken carcass or green rumen from beef - our BARF trial packages contain some of our absolute top sellers so that your four-legged friend receives only the best from the start.

BARF packages for the little ones: our BARF packages for puppies

Contrary to what is common, it is very possible to get puppies from the beginning. In general, puppies do not have a completely different food requirement than adult dogs, but there are a few things to consider. In order to make it easier for you and your puppy to start a long and healthy life, we have developed our practical BARF packages for puppies, which contain everything your little darling needs for a balanced and healthy diet. The packages only contain minced products such as muscle meat, fish, innards and bones, as well as some essential nutritional supplements and tasty chewing items.

Varied BARF packages for adult dogs

Our varied BARF packages are perfect for adult dogs of all sizes. Choose between practical starter and trial packages that will make it easier for you to get started with barfening or getting to know our products, or order our bestsellers in the customer favorites, perennial favorite or highlight packages. For everyone who loves fast barking, we have put together packages in three different sizes with our ready-to-serve complete menus. Playing with our benefit packages is easier than ever!

BARF packages for dogs with special needs: our allergy packages

Your dog is allergic to some food ingredients? Then be sure to try our packages especially for allergy sufferers. The packages do not contain any beef products but are otherwise composed differently, so you are guaranteed to find the right package for your allergy-stricken four-legged friend. Pure poultry, pure horse, fish and chicken or poultry, horse and fish - you decide what can and may end up in your dog's bowl.

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