BARF Packages for cats

BARF Packages for cats

Our practical BARF packages for cats are guaranteed to contain the perfect mix for your house cat. All our packages contain tender meat as the basis of every BARF meal for cats and, depending on the variation, also offal and minced bone-cartilage mixes. Our BARF packages for cats are delivered to your home ready packed and free of shipping costs.

For cats

It's the mixture that does it

With us every kitty gets treated in the right way. In our practical packages you get the perfect basis for a balanced BARF diet for your cat delivered directly to your home. Fresh meat and, depending on the package, also valuable offal and minced bone-cartilage mixes for an optimal supply of calcium. All you have to do is supplement this basis with the right oils and essential supplements, such as taurine, and you have a healthy and balanced BARF meal for your house cat!

Here comes variety

As we all know, our kitties can sometimes be quite fussy and variety is a must for the cuddly gourmets. That's why our packages contain just that - plenty of variety for your cat! For example, in our 5 kg or 12 kg cat package you get different BARF menus with duck, chicken or salmon. Both packages also contain our famous Kitty Mix, which is guaranteed to give your cat the right variety in the bowl.

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