Bone Meal

Natural calcium source for healthy bones and teeth. The perfect alternative for feeding raw meaty bones.

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The ideal substitute for feeding raw bones
Bone Meal is a natural product obtained from dried bones. It is generally used for BARF-meals, for example, if raw meaty bones cannot be fed due to intolerances or diseases or if the dog simply swallows too much. Just like whole bones, Bone Meal has an ideal calcium-phosphorus ratio with high bioavailability. This means that the ground bones can be utilised very well by the dogs and cats digestive system, but are much less demanding than whole raw bones.

Calcium: one of the most important nutrients
Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and therefore one of the most important. It contributes to the healthy formation of teeth and bones, helps muscles to contract, blood to clot and maintains healthy heart and nerve function. With a balanced BARF-diet, dogs and cats normally absorb the necessary dose of calcium through raw bones. However, if your pet cannot tolerate raw bones or you are afraid of feeding him whole bones, Bone Meal is the perfect alternative.

Bone meal at every stage of life
As a natural dietary supplement, bone meal can be fed to growing puppies and young dogs to help them grow healthy skeletons, and to senior citizens to support aging joints. The need for calcium is particularly high in puppies, during pregnancy and during lactation, but is easily met with a balanced BARF-diet due to the already higher amount of food.

Feeding recommendation

For the exact determination of the feeding amount you can easily use our free bone meal calculator (in German). The resulting values can also be used for puppies and young dogs in growth as well as pregnant and lactating bitches.


Bild Bedarfsrechner Bone Meal Calculator


Please always follow the feeding recommendations, as too high amounts of bone meal can lead to constipation, bone excrement and in the worst case to intestinal obstruction.

This product is a single food material for dogs and cats.

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