Seaweed Meal

Our seaweed meal - for a needs-based regulation of the iodine supply, a healthy coat and a good digestion.

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Obtained from the sea
Seaweed meal is a natural product derived from the seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosum. Due to its high content of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals, the alga contributes to the health of skin and fur, supports the immune system, promotes digestion and feed utilisation and generally stimulates the metabolism.

A natural iodine supplier
A needs-based iodine supply is the basis for a healthy BARF-diet. With the help of the seaweed meal you can easily and naturally cover the iodine needs of your four-legged friend.
So that the iodine supply is really needs-based, it is necessary to determine the appropriate dosage with the help of our seaweed meal calculator. Just enter the weight of your dog and the corresponding daily and weekly amount of seaweed meal will be calculated.

Attention: Due to the high iodine content animals with thyroid problems should only get a targeted feeding after consultation with the veterinarian. In general, when feeding highly iodine-containing raw materials such as fish or other additives, you should ensure that the dosage of the seaweed meal is adjusted.

100% Ascophyllum nodosum

Feeding recommendation

Calculate the necessary amount of seaweed meal easily with our free seaweed meal calculator (in German). Please download the calculator to your computer or smartphone first, as this is the only way it works properly. Now enter the body weight of your dog and the iodine content of the seaweed meal. You will find the iodine content either in the product description or on the label. You will then immediately receive your dog's daily and weekly requirements of seaweed meal calculated.

Bild Bedarfsrechner Seaweed Meal Calculator


As this is a natural product, the analyses may be subject to fluctuations. Single food material for dogs and cats. Simply add the seaweed meal to the rest of the food and feed the weekly ration divided over at least four days.

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ideal um den Jod bedraf des Hundes zu decken.

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