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Organic-certified products

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High quality BARF meat from organic-certified (BIO) facilities

Our organic range is the right choice for everyone who wants to know exactly where the BARF meat for your four-legged friend comes from. The beef offered here comes from cattle from pasture husbandry, the poultry from regional poultry farms, which place the highest value on animal welfare. All of our suppliers are personally known to us and are regularly checked.

Organic BARF meat from the region

The farms that supply us with organic beef and poultry are all located in the region around Perleberg. There the animals live a species-appropriate life and are only exposed to short transport routes to our in-house slaughter. All farms are known to us personally and are regularly subjected to strict quality controls. This is how we guarantee high-quality meat from animals that are kept appropriately.

In addition to individual BIO-BARF articles, we also offer you our practical prepacked BIO-BARF packages at a special price.

We attach great importance to the quality of our organic products, which is why it can happen that not all articles are available from time to time. We ask for your understanding at this point.

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