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Raw feeding for dogs - the healthiest and most appropriate form of nutrition

Barf diet is the healthiest and most species-appropriate form of nutrition - word has gotten around among dog owners in recent years. Dogs, like their ancestors, wolves are designed to absorb and digest meat, which is shown by a look at their digestive system. Animal proteins are essential for a dog's healthy diet and should therefore make up the majority of every meal. A need-based BARF diet should consist largely of animal components such as muscle meat, offal and bones.

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Why should I feed my dog with raw meat?

Raw feeding - or even barf diet - is not only the healthiest form of dog nutrition, but also the most species-appropriate. Just like its ancestor the wolf, the dog is a carnivore that naturally feeds primarily on animal components such as muscle meat, offal, skin, fur and bones. Even though our domesticated dogs are no longer predators, the digestive mechanism is still geared towards animal feed.

Just like all other carnivores, dogs have prey-catching teeth that specialize in tearing off meat, biting through bones, and chewing food roughly. Unlike herbivores, dogs cannot grind their food e.g. cannot break down the important nutrients in raw cereals, fruits and vegetables. The dog's gastrointestinal tract is also not designed for the excessive intake of plant components, since it is very short compared to body size and the food porridge is not in the intestine long enough to unlock carbohydrates and other nutrients from plant food can.

The optimal composition of a BARF diet meal

With a species-appropriate BARF diet, in addition to 80% animal ingredients consisting of 50% muscle meat, 20% rumen and leaf stomach, 15% bone and 15% mixed offal, 20% vegetables and fruit should also be fed in a ratio of 75% to 25%. In order for the dog to be able to utilize these plant components, it is imperative to puree or pre-cook the vegetables and fruit. In this way, the stomach content of a natural prey can be reproduced, in which the plant components are already pre-digested and can therefore be used by the dog. It is even easier with our Perleberg frozen flake or vegetable mixes.

Overview of the advantages of raw feeding

The fact that bartending is the most species-appropriate form of feeding dogs should actually be reason enough to feed their four-legged friends raw. But there are many other aspects that speak for raw feeding:

• generally good health
• strong immune system
• strong muscles, bones, tendons & ligaments
• Higher life expectancy
• Smaller amounts of feces
• more activity and balance
• Enjoy eating• lower fluid intake
• Feeding natural ingredients
• no opaque declarations
• no additives in the feed

Barfen with the high-quality products from Frostfutter Perleberg

In order for you to be able to feed your dog in a healthy and species-appropriate manner, you will find on the following pages all the important ingredients you need to put together your four-legged friend's BARF meals. In addition to high-quality muscle meat, nutrient-rich offal, tasty rumen and leaf stomach and crispy bone variations, we also have vegetable-fruit flakes and important nutritional supplements on offer.

Our menus were quick and easy

When compiling the BARF meals, you can freely decide what should end up in the bowl of your four-legged friend. You are free to choose whether you want to put together the meals from all the important components yourself or whether you use our mixed variations or the ready-to-serve complete menus. These already contain all the important components and, when fed alternately, ensure that the nutritional requirements are met.

The (holiday) alternative: BAF to GO®

We have developed our gently cooked meat specialties, the so-called BAF to GO®, as a healthy alternative to conventional canned food. It can be kept for up to two years without cooling and is made from the same high-quality raw materials as our raw meat products. BAF to GO® is a great alternative for the holiday, households without much cooling or if you have forgotten to defrost your four-legged friend's meal.

Whether frozen or gently cooked - with the Perleberg Frostfutter products your dog is well looked after.

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