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This Wet Food Package offers your darling a large selection of our gently cooked wet food products.

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Large selection for delicious meals
Our Wet Food Package in large contains eight different varieties of our high-quality BAF to GO wet food. It is gently cooked and therefore rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The package contains tasty wet food compositions with beef, fish, lamb and chicken - so there's plenty of variety in your dog's food bowl.

Our BAF to GO is gently cooked
As with all our BAF to GO products, the products in this package are gently cooked during the special production process to ensure their long durability. Due to the special cooking process it is not necessary to add additives to our wet food. So you can be sure that all BAF to GO products are natural and sterile at the same time.

Long shelf life even without refrigeration
Both the production process and the packaging method have been optimised so that storage without special cooling is possible. The products can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 years, but should be kept in the refrigerator after opening and should be fed within 2 - 3 days. Direct sunlight should always be avoided.

Gently cooked, packed in practical cans and with a long shelf life even without refrigeration - this is our BAF to GO. It is the ideal alternative to raw feeding: perfect for everyday life, but also for travelling and excursions.

Note: Please note that additional shipping costs may apply if you order additional items to this package.

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Renate B

Baf to go

Mein Hund wollte kein Nassfutter fressen. Nachdem ich jegliches ausprobiert habe,war ich am Ende meiner Ideen. Der letzte Gedanke war Barf.Durch Zufall bin ich auf Baf to go gelandet.Mein Gedanke war,das muss klappen.Mutig habe ich das 25kg Paket bestellt.Das Ergebniss ist,keine Probleme mehr. Er geht sofort an seinen Napf und futtert es.Zudem mische ich Reis,Nudeln oder Kartoffeln sowie Gemüse darunter.Es wird super vertragen.
Kann es wirklich sehr empfehlen.Auch die Lagerung kann nicht besser und einfacher sein.Ich lagere die einzelnen Pakete im Küchenschrank.Da es super verpackt ist,riecht man nichts.
Wenn die Ration zu Ende geht,werde ich es auf jeden Fall wiederbestellen.
Es ist eine super Alternative zu Dosen und Barf.

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