High quality fresh meat menus


High quality fresh meat menus

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BARF menus for dogs: tasty and healthy mixes

The BARF menus from Frostfutter Perleberg consist of high-quality fresh meat and various vegetables, fruits or cereals. They contain many ingredients that are essential for a balanced BARF-diet. Complete the BARF menus with essential nutritional supplements to prepare complete meals that your four-legged friend will love!

High quality BARF menus for every taste

BARF is not only the healthiest but also the most species-appropriate form of dog nutrition. Balanced BARF-meals should consist of approx. 80 % animal components such as muscle meat, offal, rumen/leaf tripe and bones as well as 20 % vegetables and fruit. Whether you put these components together yourself or use our mixed BARF menus is entirely up to you - your dog will like it either way!

BARF menus with lots of fresh meat and healthy fruits and vegetables

Depending on the variety, the BARF menus from Frostfutter Perleberg contain a lot of fresh beef, horse, chicken, lamb or fish as well as fresh vegetables in the form of e.g. carrots or spinach. Some menus also contain carbohydrate components such as rice and potatoes for a special power boost. Other menus are ideal for allergy sufferers or sensitive dogs.

The healthy variety in the food bowl: BARF menus for dogs

By feeding our mixed BARF menus, you save a lot of time preparing the BARF-meals for your dog, because they can be easily defrosted, supplemented and fed. In this way you can easily ensure a species-appropriate diet that is specially tailored to the needs of your four-legged friend.

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