Beef Heart (minced)

Here you feed your animal a very lean and pure muscle meat.  Thanks to the coarsely minced consistency, this product is perfect food ...

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Here you feed your animal a very lean and pure muscle meat.  Thanks to the coarsely minced consistency, this product is perfect food for dogs or cats. Furthermore, the main ingredients can still be identified. This product should only be fed raw.

Please note: Some animals do not tolerate beef heart and react with diarrhea. To avoid this, please start to feed a small portion to check the tolerability.

Composition: 100% minced beef heart

Feeding recommendation

For a balanced BARF diet for dogs, we recommend a feed composition of 80 % animal and 20 % vegetable components. The animal portion is in turn divided into 50 % muscle meat, 20 % rumen and leafy stomach, 15 % offal and 15% raw meaty bones. The vegetable portion should consist of 75% vegetables and 25 % fruit.

Cats are pure carnivores and therefore require almost exclusively animal components such as muscle meat and offal. Vegetable components can make up to 5% of the meals.

To accurately calculate your dog's BARF rations, you can use our free BARF calculator. Enter your dog's data and get the results for balanced daily and weekly rations in seconds.

We recommend dividing the total amount of food into at least two portions a day and supplementing with essential supplements such as seaweed meal, blood and oils.

All our BARF products should be stored in the freezer at -18°C and thawed in the refrigerator for 12 hours (without packaging or with air holes) before feeding. Serve the meat at room temperature.

This product is a single food for dogs and cats.

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Marina G

Tolles Produkt

Gut gewolft. Genau wie mein Hund braucht!

Lorraine J

Sehr gut

Lässt sich sehr gut portionieren und die Qualität ist ebenfalls super.

Sandra G


Das Herz ist schön gewolft. Zudem im etwas sparsamer 1kg Paket.Gute Qualität und lässt sich leicht portionieren.

Ilona Hock


Gute Qualität schönes Fleisch und toller Preis .Meine Hunde lieben es

Beke M

Gut gewolft

Das Herz ist schön gewolft, genau wie es mein Hund braucht. Zudem im etwas sparsamer 1kg Paket. Gute Qualität und lässt sich leicht portionieren.

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Additional Information
Analytical composition
15 %
14 %
1,3 %
69 %
Since it is a natural product, the analyzes can be subject to fluctuations.
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