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Tasty treats

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Treats for dogs - ideal for training

Small gestures can have a big effect - so our small treats are sure to make your four-legged friend's heart beat faster. Discover our range of treats now and find the right reward for in between or a tasty training bite.

Dried treats from Frostfutter Perleberg - only the best quality

For our dried treats we only use high quality products from Germany. The farmers and fishermen are personally known to us and supply our own slaughtering business fresh every day. This way we can ensure that we only use the best products, which your darling can then taste. So you can be sure that the treats from Frostfutter Perleberg are 100 % healthy and appropriate for your pet.

Perfect for training or as a reward in between

As our treats are all bite-sized, so they are not only suitable as a pastime, but also perfect for training with your darling. Our dried beef lung in cubes or the dried sprats are quick to snack and also fit wonderfully into our Food Dummy or any other snack bag. So you can always offer your dog a 100 % healthy treat for every activity.

Know what's inside - guaranteed without chemical additives

As with our fresh meat and wet food products, we pay a lot of attention to perfect quality and gentle processing during production. Our range of treats is therefore also free of any preservatives, flavourings and additives and offers your darling a 100 % natural reward as a tasty addition to the BARF meal.

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