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Tasty & healthy Snacks

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Snacks for dogs - 100% natural and healthy

What would life be without a reward in between? However, as our four-legged friends should not eat chocolate or chips, we have the right selection of delicious and healthy snacks for dogs of all sizes and ages. You can surely also find some delicious bites for your cat.

100 % natural and healthy

All of our snacks are gently produced and have a long durability thanks to the special drying process - of course without chemical preservatives or other harmful additives. The products from our snack range for dogs and cats all come from Germany and are freshly processed in our own business. So you can be sure that you will only get the best quality for your pet.

Long-lasting chewing pleasure - a great activity

The perfect and healthiest variety is offered by our delicious chewing articles. There is something suitable for every size of dog: whether an entire beef ear with fur, tasty bull pizzle or crunchy energy chips - every dog can get the suitable treat. The chewing articles in different varieties and sizes offer dogs of all breeds the right activity and a long chewing experience.

Little treats for successful training

For conditioning new tricks or learning everyday situations, high-quality treats are essential. The use of dried beef lung in cubes or whole dried fish minis can do wonders in training your four-legged friend - you'll see that with the right reward it's much easier to learn!

Wide range of treats for every occasion

In our large snack assortment you will find the right treat for every occasion. For example, beef larynx, beef scalp without fur, whole beef tracheae and pig ears promise a long chewing pleasure even for larger dogs. The smaller duck stomachs, duck and chicken necks as well as our fishy treats sprats, herrings and cod skin, on the other hand, are perfect for a quick snack or for smaller dogs in general. Even some cats should find the right snack here. No matter whether your favourite is a meaty treat from beef, lamb, game, fish or poultry or even vegetarian alternatives, you can easily order the right snacks in our online shop.

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